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Most important achievements during 2004 until 2012:


- Since 2004, the team has led one of the largest educational companies in Kuwait, which included 2 Schools and nearly 2000 students in foreign education and a net profit of 300,000 K.D at an investment level of 1.2 Million K.D.


- The team was able to increase profits until 3 million K.D and revenues up to 10 million K.D of the educational company managed by them.


- The team was able to increase property rights where it reached around 50 million K.D in 2012.


- The number of high schools has reached 7 schools divided among Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt in addition to teachers’ residential complex worth 3 million in 2012.


- The dividend’s annual average has reach a rate ranging between 10 % to 35 % including the financial crisis years after 2008.


- The total number of students has reached around 7000 students until 2012.


- The team has managed to pass the financial meltdown stage successfully with a growth in assets and operational revenues and was able to meet the company’s financial obligations and get the necessary financing and to distribute of dividends over owners.


- The team managed to reach profitability in all distinguished projects.


- Achieving the highest quality levels in the field of educational services so that the annual waiting lists which the company’s schools capacity can’t assimilate them has exceeded 400 students.


- Successful acquisitions.


- Successful green fields.