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Amjad International Educational Services Company

Kuwaiti limited liability company

Investment in education 

A Team with a Track Record of Success



The efficiency of corporate management is linked on two major truths , which are management team and control system. 

A specialized team is a must and a history of an actual success in field industry run by the investor who will believe in him , and then give him a full financial and administrative powers. 

The control that the investor shall be adopted mechanism for accounting and accountability of this team called Performance Management System (PMS) based on Accountability Charter (ACCH) prepared by the manager And be responsible for it and be acceptable to the investor and his approach to accounting manager. When it comes to the combination of these two facts must be the success of the project then continue and stability on success.  

Amjad International Company established on May 2013 with the team work itself who ran the largest educational institution in Kuwait

Institute for Private Education (IPE) after exit owners of ownership of its schools.

Owner of Amjad International Company Muna Jassem Burahma (Kuwaiti) MBA

Who worked as a Director General of the company IPE after a journey of a government field work for 17 years in administrative and academic area, representing in Zakat House of Kuwait since 1987 - 1990 ,  followed by Martyrs Bureau Al Diwan Al Amiri since 2004 - 1991, Then moved to work in private sector as director of educational activities in the Institute for Private Education (IPE) since 2004 - 2007 ، then appointed as director-general (IPE) SINCE 2017 - 2012 after exit owners of ownership. Long journey 25 years of work yield to multiple experiences.

During her work in (IPE) as Executive Director she and her team worked on direct supervision on the chain of schools owned of the company at that time

direct supervision on school-owned chain of the company at the time of them, such

In Kuwait :

A’Takamul International School US curriculum , Gulf English School British curriculum , Rowad Bilingual School , Al Ma’alee Bilingual School. 

Al Mansour School , Al Tafaweq School ,  AlAndalus School all are civilian Arabic curriculum.

In Arab Republic of Egypt :

Al Rowad School , Languages + American Diploma , New Ruya School , IB curriculum

In Saudi Arabia :

Children’s Garden School , Arabic Diploma + American Diploma


Amjad International Educational Services Company Vision …

Establishment , leadership, development and management of educational institutions and providing consultancy and supervision of executive action to be a leader in its field in the region with a specialized management and professional with real fixed successes In order to achieve the lofty message of education in the community through educational consultant model provides high quality service. 

Supervision of educational institutions

The company provides educational consulting and administrative services related to education and it has been contracted with a number of prestigious educational institutions and well-known in Kuwait.

The first contract with Abdul Hamid Al Sanaa for Educational Service established nearly 50 years ago , who owns Arabic schools ( Al Seef School for Boys and Al Safar School for Girls ) on August 13 for a limited period ( One year and a half ) and it has been providing the necessary consultancy project for the company to restructure the existing work in schools.

Also the second contract with the same company to work for the establishment of an integrated study to create a boarding school in one of the Arab countries and has been offering a full study in August 2014.

Currently, the company offers the needed counseling for Al Najat Private Schools affiliate to Al Najat Charity Association in Kuwait and these schools are Arabic curriculum, as the company provides the strategic studies needed for the association to start educational projects for foreign schools inside Kuwait and outside Under the new educational company not-for-profit called Ibn Sina Company for Educational Service Value within the message carried by the Assembly for nearly half a century.

Amjad International Company Team:


1. Dr. Talaa Muhamed Al Dehani (Kuwaiti) MBA & PHD , short CV :

General Supervisor for (IPE) and its subsidiaries companies 2005 - 2012

Company Manager of Children’s Garden Schools , Saudi Arabia 2008 - 2012

President of the Board of Directors of the Al Rowad Educational Company , Egypt 2008 - 2012

President of the Board of Directors of the New Roya Educational Company , Egypt 2008 - 2012

Member of the technical team in Gulf University 2002 - 2005

Assistant Vice Director Kuwait University 1991 - 1997 

Head of Finance Department and Financial Institutions 2002 - 2003

Advisor on Management Educational Institutes 

Member of Executive Committee for Al Muwasaa Hospital 2009 - 2012

Head of Strategic Planning Team for (IPE) 

Associate Professor in Kuwait University 

Management consultant and financial affairs for sum Companies


2. Professor Nadia Hamid (Kuwaiti) Master Psychology , short CV :

Led the Departments for (IPE) schools And took over position of Educational Administration Affairs for (IPE) 2005 - 2013

Worked for Ajyal Educational Schools 2012 Bilingual schools and now , in 2015 she’s working as Educational Affairs Advisor for Amjad International Company for Educational Service , she also worked as a trainer in Henry Ford Companies for 6 months 1999 , and have experience as a teacher in kindergartens schools in Kuwait 1994 , and as an employee as well for Ministry of Education 1991 – 1994

Industrial/ organizational psychology from USA 2000 , Bachelor of Psychology from Kuwait University 1995 psychology & sociology


3. Ibrahim Al Hamad (In addition to the Jordanian Canadian citizenship) Bachelor of Accounting , short CV :

Bachelor degree of accounting Malik Abdul Aziz University 1984 Soudi Arabia/ Jiddah , has experiences and Training courses versed in the field of computer and customer service and leadership and the quality . 

Work began as an accounts observer for Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Islamic Bank 1985 – 1990 , Then as a manager for Finance in trading Group 1991 – 1998

Then as chief financial officer and director of development in American Creativity Academy School (ACA) 1999 – 2002

Then followed by working as the director of Business Development in (IPE) 2003 – 2012

And he is currently working as Executive Director for Sama Al Marifa for Educational Service , since 2013

He also works as a consultant for the development of educational projects for number of educational companies , including Amjad International Company for Educational Service


4. Mr. Mohammad Al Eissa (Jordanian)

Master MBA from Maastricht Business School majoring Management and general strategy , Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Systems 2003 majoring Information Systems 

Have experiences of Microsoft networks and project management and the security and protection networks

Worked as Head of IT Department for (IPE) 2004 – 2013

Then Administrator in Qaf Company in IT Department 1013 – 2015

Currently working in the General Administration Department for Al Najat Schools as the Manager for the IT 2015

Also working for Amjad International Company for Educational Service as the IT Advisor


5. Mrs. Aneesa Mukarram

Bachelor Degree in English from India, Accounting and computer diploma from Canada , Montessori Diploma ESL from Britain. Master in International Education from USA

Work Experience :

Started working for Kiddie-Kare Day Care Service Canada 1992 – 1993

Then as a receptionist for an international company in Canada KHK International 1993 – 1996

Then as an accountant for United Fisheries, Kuwait 1997 – 1998

Working as a part time job for a global institute for English learning for children and adults Sylvan Learning Centre 2009

Then transferred to Oxford Academy School in Kuwait since 1998 – 2012 from a kindergarten teacher to Head of primary and kindergarten section , then took a partnership and manage


Most important achievements of the team

The team led by (IPE) year 2004 it include 1 numbers of schools and almost 2,000 students in foreign education and net profit 300 thousand Kuwaiti Dinar investment size almost 1.2 million Kuwaiti Dinar. And managed until the end of 2012 to achieve significant growth for the owners so the school acquires 7 schools in Kuwait , Soudi Arabia and Egypt counting 7,000 students are great for the growth and size of profits up to more than 3 million Kuwaiti Dinars are great for the growth and large size of revenues up to 10 million Kuwaiti Dianr are great for the growth and ownership rights of up to nearly 50 million Kuwaiti Dinars. These achievements established fact and not hopes or expectations. Graduating from this institution hundreds of outstanding students and are accepted Boarq international universities around the world. 


The most important achievements during the period since 2005 to 2012 …

1- Increase profits up to 3 million Kuwaiti Dinars and revenue up to 10 million Kuwaiti Dinars

2- Ownership rights amounting to approximately 50 million Kuwaiti Dinars

3- Counting of 7 international schools distributed between Kuwait , Saudi Arabia and Egypt in addition to a residential complex worth 3 million Kuwaiti Dinars for teachers

4- In addition to an annual distribution rate for earnings between 35% and 10% including the years after financial crisis 2008 

5- Total number of students in international schools almost 7,000 students

6- The company listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange

7- Passing the stage of financial collapse between 2008 and 2011 successfully with growth in assets and operational returns and meet all the financial obligations to the company and obtain the necessary financing and the distribution of dividends to owners

8- Access in all the projects to the level of profitability

9- Achieve a high level in the quality of educational services so that the annual waiting lists that the school’s company capacity can not absorb them exceeded 400 students

10- Successful acquisition

11- Successful green fields

12- Successful exit


The most important strategies followed by the team to achieve accomplishments …

First : in the administrative area and the financial

1- Build an effective financial system to achieve control and produce the required reports and cash flow management

2- Application strategies in human resources to ensure operating cost efficiency 

3- Application strategies in human resources to ensure the generation of alternative leadership and the flow of internal expertise and experiences attract outsourcing

4- Continuing total attribute business processes and the regulations and procedures governing the work systems of the financial aspects, administrative and operational check and justice among workers

5- Applying Accountability Charter. 

6- Apply stems to adjust expenses and maximize operating revenues

7- Motivating initiatives for employees , adopted after development and configuration

8- Activate clear tables of power and authority to a company at all levels

9- Strengthen the legal status of all the company's projects and departments so that the legal construction is clean and clear of problems and dangerous and wrong structures , and guarantor of the rights of the company in its relations with third parties

10- Building administrative structures based on institutional business philosophy not individual

11- Building an effective system of electronic communication


Second, in the area of educational services …

  1. Adjusting the Educational Services Quality systems through the adjustment of internal and external external quality control and the development of the internal control system
  2. Applied global educational systems (US, British, Bilingual, Global baccalaureate) 
  3. Obtain certificates confess state for each type of educational systems to ensure quality
  4. Concern the training and continuous development for workers and teachers
  5. Development and apply a constructive approach values
  6. Permanent measurement and follow-up to the academic level of students through internal and external measurement tools
  7. Development and administrative structures set regulations for the work of schools
  8. Concern about the quality of the educational materials used and equipment and school buildings
  9. Concern about school support services and the establishment of a specialized department to ensure its continued development
  10. The employment of technology in the field of education and school management


Third, in the marketing field and customer service …

  1. Permanent monitoring of (customer satisfaction) indicators and the development of positive action in order to ensure the increase of these indicators
  2. Permanent monitoring of the education market in the region and monitor opportunities created in it
  3. Effective communication system with parents


The general framework of Amjad International Company for Educational Service system

  1. Business Type: Kuwaiti company for educational services with limited responsibility 
  2. The goals of the company and its field of activity: establishing and managing schools and owns and taking associated agencies with the company's work in the field of exercise related activities actively main company
  3. Management system: the company is managed by the management team under its articles of association
  4. Terms of reference of the administration:

          Management granted all the powers necessary to achieve the objectives of the company And basic system defines the powers that be limited to Partners Association (such as basic             order change - the adoption of the external auditor - the adoption of the dividend - the adoption of the annual financial report)


5. Fees and rewards management team:

Worthy members of the management team in the company's salaries and benefits, according to custom prevailing in the market and to their counterparts at the specific agreement


6. The most important elements of the company's business strategy

  • Specialization in the provision of basic education services (Kg-Gr12) According to Global Systems (US - British - Baccalaureate - Bilingual)  
  • Establishment of schools either ownership or lease or management to others
  • Target for the company's activity areas (Kuwait - Arab Gulf countries - the Middle East)
  • Focus on growth in net asset value and increase profits through excellence in providing a high level of educational quality in a competitive prices and tight control system to employ the available resources optimally
  • Building alliances with various parties, both in the academic field and the educational or financial or real estate
  • Building an effective and productive relationship with investors as the main supporters of of the company are based on the credibility, transparency and institutional work system
  • The distribution of profits in case the stability of the cash flows of the company and building partners Council resolution
  • Pursue policies to expand so as to maintain the interests of investors and the quality of services and neutralize the risk
  • The balance between the growth of the net assets of the company on the one hand and growth in cash distributions on the other hand


7. The most important investment objectives of the company:

  • The minimum internal rate of return for the project at least 18%
  • Achieve stable growth in cash distributions after an equalizer and then sufficient profits
  • An equalizer in the third year of operating as maximum