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First: In the field of educational services

• Quality assurance of the educational services provided through internal and external quality assurance systems and the development of the internal control system.
• Provision of assistance for obtaining international admission certificates for each type of educational systems certification for quality assurance.
• Paying attention to the continuous training and development for workers and teachers.
• Preparing for the application of values building approach.

• Permanent measurement and follow-up of the academic level of students through internal and external measurement tools.
• Developing administrative structures and regulations governing the work of schools.
• Paying attention to the quality of the educational materials, equipment and buildings.
• Paying attention to the school support services and the establishment of a specialized department to ensure the continuous development thereof.
• The use of technology in the field of education and school administration.


Second: In the marketing and customer service field

• Permanent monitoring of the customer satisfaction indicators and development of work to ensure the positive increase of these indicators.
• Permanent monitoring of the education market in the region and monitoring of the opportunities emerging in this marker.
• An effective communication system with parents.


Third: In the strategic expansion field

• Developing a strategic plan in order to expand and increase the efficiency of any activity for a period of 5 years updated annually.
• Building bridges of trust with the various funding agencies.
• Setting the foundations for managing successful acquisitions for schools.
• Establishing successful schools from scratch.
• Developing effective network of internal and external relations for the client.
• Guiding the creation of a Business Development Department responsible for guiding customers in all expansionist or operational development and providing internal and external research papers and studies of all kinds.