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Most important achievements during 2004 until 2012:


- Since 2004, the team has led one of the largest educational companies in Kuwait, which included 2 Schools and nearly 2000 students in foreign education and a net profit of 300,000 K.D at an investment level of 1.2 Million K.D.


- The team was able to increase profits until 3 million K.D and revenues up to 10 million K.D of the educational company managed by them.


- The team was able to increase property rights where it reached around 50 million K.D in 2012.


- The number of high schools has reached 7 schools divided among Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt in addition to teachers’ residential complex worth 3 million in 2012.


- The dividend’s annual average has reach a rate ranging between 10 % to 35 % including the financial crisis years after 2008.


- The total number of students has reached around 7000 students until 2012.


- The team has managed to pass the financial meltdown stage successfully with a growth in assets and operational revenues and was able to meet the company’s financial obligations and get the necessary financing and to distribute of dividends over owners.


- The team managed to reach profitability in all distinguished projects.


- Achieving the highest quality levels in the field of educational services so that the annual waiting lists which the company’s schools capacity can’t assimilate them has exceeded 400 students.


- Successful acquisitions.


- Successful green fields.


Amjad International Educational Services Company is a Kuwaiti Company With Limited Liability.


The Company’s Management efficiency is correlated with two main facts, mainly the Management Team and the Control System as the Management Team must be specialized and with track record of successes in the Industry Managed by them, in which the investor believes in them then grants them al administrative and financial powers that enable them to succeed.


As for the control system, it’s based on the investor’s adoption of a mechanism of questioning that team called PMS (Performance Management System) that is based on the Accountability Charter ACCH prepared and accepted by the investor and becomes a method to hold accountability to the manager, so whenever these two facts come together, the project must succeed and then continue and persist on the footsteps of success.


Company Profile:


Company Type: Kuwaiti Company for Educational Services with limited liability.


Company’s Objectives and Activities: Establishing, managing and possessing educational schools and acquiring the agencies related to the company’s business domain and practicing the activities related to the company’s main activity and providing administrative, financial and organizational consultations to the agencies and companies that provide services to the public.


Management System: the company is managed by the management teams under the company’s statute. This team is characterized for comprising a selection of the qualified consultants specialized for this purpose,


The most important elements of the company's business strategy:

- Specialization in providing consultancy services and basic education (Kg-gr12) in accordance with the private and international systems (U.S. UK - Baccalaureate - binary).

- Establishment of schools either through ownership, management or lease.

- Providing field administrative, financial and organizational consultations to the agencies and companies that provide services to the public.

- The company's activities targeted areas are Kuwait, Gulf states and the Middle East states.

- Focusing on growth in net asset value and increasing profits through excellence in providing high quality educational services within competitive prices and tight control system in employing the available resources optimally.

- Building alliances with various parties whether in the academic and educational or financial or real estate domain.

- Building an effective and fruitful relationship with investors for being the company’s main backers, a relation that is built on integrity, transparency and institutional system.